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The Governing Body

The Governing Body plays a vital role in the direction of Kempsford Primary school. The key roles are to provide a long term vision for the school, to support the school and to ask the right questions about the school’s performance.

The Governors are have 3 key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring clarity of Vision, Ethos and Strategic direction
    • Holding the Headteacher to account
      • Making sure money is well spent

      The Governors delegate the daily management of the school to the Headteacher, but they have ultimate responsibility for the effective and efficient running of the school.  They meet regularly and are involved in decisions related to strategy, School Ethos and Vision, pupil performance, curriculum, budgets, performance management, staff recruitment and site management.

      Who are the Governors?

      There are 12 members of the Governing body. Co-Chairs are Mr Darren Jeffrey and Mrs Gemma di-Lella who can be contacted through the school office on 01285 810367 or by email at chair@kempsford.gloucs.sch.uk.

      The governing body is made up of:

      • 3 Parent Governors
        • 3 Foundation Governors (one of whom is the Minister of the Parish)
          • 3 Co-Opted Governors
            • 1 Local Authority Governor
              • 1 Staff Governor
                • The Headteacher

                More information about individual Governors can be found in our governor profiles section.


                Committee Structure

                In order that the work of the Governors can be as effective as possible, two sub-committees have been established. These Committees meet on a regular basis and this allows for more detailed discussion and monitoring of progress on particular areas of school management.

                More information on the governor Committees can be found on the governor committees page.


                The Governing Body of the school maintains documentation in relation to its workings (agenda, minutes, etc.) this documentation is available for inspection on the school premises by prior arrangement with the Clerk to Governors (via email at clerk@kempsford.gloucs.sch.uk).

                Statutory information about the Governors not published elsewhere on the site may be found on the governor information page.