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Governor Information

Statutory information about the Governing Body not found elsewhere in this section.

Register/Conflicts of Interests

Governor name Last declared Relevant Business Interest or Conflict of Interest Date Conflict relinquished
Rosemary Andrews 28 Jan 2017 None
Abigail Aspin 27 Feb 2017 None
Alex Ballard 15 Oct 2017 None
Andrew Doherty 10 Feb 2017 Fairford Town Council
Cotswold District Council
DCO Systems Ltd
Ruth Gray 27 Feb 2017 None
Darren Jeffrey 18 Feb 2017 Relative on school staff
Andrea Jordan 31 Jan 2017 None
Lynn Hayler 9 Feb 2017 None
Richard Mendum 26 Jan 2017 None

Register of Attendance

The register records attendance by Governors at Committees of which they are a full member, attendance at sub-Committees by Governors who are not full members (e.g. Chair of Governors)  of those Committees is shown. Figures for Governors who start part way through a year show the percentage of the meetings it was possible for them to that were attended.

Academic Year 2016-17

Andrew Doherty 100% 100% 70% 100%
Richard Mendum 100% 100% 100% 100%
Rosemary Andrews 100% (not on committee) 70% 100%
Abi Asplin 0% (not on committee) 70% (not on committee)
Martin Burgess 70% 70% (not on committee) (not on committee)
Adrian Burt 100% 70% (not on committee) 30%
Ruth Gray 100% (not on committee) 100% (not on committee)
Lynn Hayler 100% (not on committee) (not on committee) 100%
Claire Huish 100% 100% (not on committee) (not on committee)
Darren Jeffrey 0% (not on committee) 100% (not on committee)
Andrea Jordan 70% (not on committee) 100% (not on committee)

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