At Kempsford Primary, we believe that all children can achieve and be successful Mathematicians, as belief + hard work + understanding = success. We want our children to love learning Maths, we want them to be curious, ask questions and talk Mathematically, not just talk about Maths! We begin to develop a love of Maths from EYFS, where we nurture all children as confident, capable mathematicians for the future. We practise a method of learning through ‘doing’ and promote what children learn is important – but how they learn is even more crucial. Young children, throughout EYFS, learn through investigating, exploring, talking, and problem solving and, quite simply ‘doing’ things. In the Reception year, children have adults who create a continuous learning environment that supports their growing mathematical understanding, and provide experiences, which focus specifically on aspects of maths learning. Throughout our Maths teaching in KS1 and KS2, we build upon the mathematical foundations through a mastery approach to teaching and learning that continues to provide practical experiences through resources appropriately pitched at each learning stage. We seek to promote the School’s RISE vision by actively encouraging children to continually strive to improve, succeed, excel and show respect towards their Maths learning. We also incorporate our STIRKE learning skills as we prioritise talk for reasoning when teaching, which would therefore utilise speaking and listening, teamwork and evaluation skills with a can do attitude!