Scopay is the system that parents need to use to book and pay for all sessions in the Hive, Breakfast and After School Clubs and School trips.

Scopay user guides

Online Payments guide includes:
How do I register my child’s account?
How do I link my children to my existing account?
How do I update my billings address details?
How do I change my Log-in details?
How do I change my contact details?
How do I create a second log-in?
What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Online Payments check-out guide includes:
How do I add items to my basket?
How do I go to the check-out?

Online Session Ordering guide includes:
How do I view my child’s reserved sessions?
How do I reserve additional sessions?
How do I change or cancel a reserved session?

Parents Evening Booking System guide includes:
How do I see my current bookings?
How do I make a new booking online?
How do I move my booking to an alternative time?
How do I cancel a booking online?
How do I print out my schedule for a meeting? QuickReferenceGuideParentsEveningBookingSystemParent

Scopay on Apple Phones – A number of parents have made us aware that at times they experience problems using Scopay on an Apple phone.  We have spoken with Scopay and they were already aware that there can be problems immediately following an Apple upgrade.  Scopay have informed me that any specific problems reported to them are rectified as quickly as possible.  Should you experience problems, please report to Scopay immediately.