Vision and Values

Kempsford Primary School is at the heart of the community in the village of Kempsford and provides equal access to the curriculum for all pupils in a caring, well-resourced environment.

This will enable all children to be happy whilst reaching their full potential and developing a sense of self-worth within a Christian ethos.

Our widely recognised high standards and expectations, together with good academic achievement, will form the foundation for the next stage in our children’s education and give them confidence for their future.

Our School Values – Overview

We hold a daily act of worship to help us realise our vision. We focus on core Values through a two year programme.

Term Church Year Value Bible Story focus
Term 1 Harvest Generosity The Widows Offering
(Luke 21)
Term 2 Christmas Compassion Good Samaritan
(Luke 10)
Term 3 Candlemass Courage Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Daniel 3)
Term 4 Lent & Easter Justice Jesus Turning the tables in anger
(Luke 19.45-48)
Term 5 Pentecost Service (Matthew 6.1-2)
Term 6 Holidays (Holy Days) Truthfulness Peters denial of Jesus
(Matthew 26)

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