Communication with parents

News and Correspondence

Newsletters, parent mail (email and postal) and urgent notices can all be found in this section.

The school typically publishes a newsletter every Friday afternoon, although it may be more if there is a lot of news to report. Urgent notices are published immediately as needed.

Parent Mail Service

Parents can opt to join the “Parent Mail” mailing list, through the school office, and receive their correspondence electronically to save paper and time.

Pupil Post

Pupil post is correspondence sent out via your child’s book bag. Parents who haven’t opted for email/electronic correspondence will receive all their paperwork via this route.

Reply Slips and Forms

Correspondence that requires a reply, such as forms and reply slips, is generally sent out on paper in pupil post. Usually it will be sent out on distinct coloured paper to make it easier to see amongst paperwork.

Please return slips and forms to the school office as required.

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