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Tucasi On-line Booking System

Our new on-line booking system is up and running with parents paying and booking for breakfast club and after school club as well as signing up for free after school activity clubs starting next week.

Over two thirds of children have registered for the new system.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible. This is the only way to sign up to clubs. I attach another copy of the on-line booking letter for your reference.

Please let us know if you need another copy of the on-line access letter with your individual log-in details.

Regards, Carolyn Sleight

On-line Booking Letter: Online Booking Letter Tucasi Schools Cash Office (SCO)

Class 3 Term 1 (Autumn) Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back after, what I hope was, a lovely relaxing Summer break. Mrs Cooke and I hope you and the children had the chance to enjoy some sunshine and are feeling rested and refreshed. I am particularly excited about getting to know the Kempsford School community, staff, you, but most of all, your children and working with them to share some amazing learning this year.

Our theme this term is ‘Respect’, kicking off our RISE values this year, and the children will be thinking about how they relate to each other and other people. This month also sees the celebration of Roald Dahl, who would have been 100 years old. A much loved storyteller amongst children, we thought it would be a great opportunity to combine his centenary year with this term’s theme, which is evident in many of his stories. So over the next 8 weeks, the children will be studying Roald Dahl’s life, and our book focus will be ‘James and The Giant Peach’. See the attached topic web for more information about what the children will cover in each subject. Please let me know if you have any knowledge or skills you may be able to offer us.

We shall be having a Dahl Day on Tuesday 13th September when the children will be encouraged to come to school dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl character. Class 3 will have a surprise visit from a pair of Dahl’s ‘villains’ and we will be spending all day doing all things Dahl!

We are also embarking on our own journey – a journey to become a life-long learner. Over the course of the year, and accompanied by some Learning Friends, the children will be discovering the learning skills they have and that they can develop, to continue to be a good learner in school, work and life. Our skill this term will be Teamwork; learning together. Our term’s theme fits well with this Learning Skill, as children work on collaboration and cooperation, sharing with and listening to each other, respecting other members of the team, and recognising that everyone has different strengths.

Please read letter in full here: Class 3 Term 1 (Autumn) Letter