Parent Questionnaire Communication Survey

Dear Parents,

We are conducting a survey on our communications with parents and would appreciate your feedback. The questionnaire (PDF document) is attached to this email, it is designed to be filled on screen and returned via email – you shouldn’t need to print it.

Kempsford Parent Communication Survey (Email Form)

On opening the questionnaire you should see a box like the following at the top of the form:

Kempsford Parent Questionnaire Communication Survey (Email Form) - Image

Once you’ve completed filling in the form you can click ‘Submit Form’ to return it via email.

If you have any problem filling in the form electronically then you can simply print it, fill in and drop off at the school office instead.

Abi Aspin has already asked some of you the same questions face-to-face so if you’ve already filled in a questionnaire you don’t need to do it again.

Thank you.