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July 2013 Newsletter 2

Dear Parents

Key Stage 2 Performances– The children have been working very hard during rehearsals and I hope many of you will be able to join us for what promises to be another spectacular End of Year Performance at Kempsford School.  The Dress Rehearsal is scheduled for next Monday (15th July) at 1.15pm, and the two main performances will take place on Monday 15th July and Tuesday 16th July at 7.00pm.  Family and friends are welcome to join us for the dress rehearsal or either of the evening performances, tickets will not be required.   Children taking part to arrive at 6.30pm please. The Friends will be providing refreshments before the start of the evening performances and during the intervals, so please bring money!

Leavers’ Service, Thursday 18th July 9.30am in the School Hall – Everyone is welcome to come and join us in wishing our leavers a fond farewell.

Parking Arrangements – Friday 19th July – We have been informed by the Police that staff and parents are not permitted to park in the village hall car park next Friday.  There are also parking restrictions in place for parking on the road.  To ease congestion, and to ensure the safety of all children, the following arrangements have been made: –

At 8.45am

  • If at all possible, please leave the car at home and walk your child/children to school. 
  • If travelling by car is essential, please park at The George Inn, Kempsford and walk your child/children to school from there. (NB The George will be serving a delicious full English breakfast!)
  • If neither of the above options are possible for you, please drop your child/children at the school gate, and staff will chaperone them in to the playground. 

At 1.30pm

  • If at all possible, please leave the car at home and collect your child/children on foot.
  • If collection by car is essential, please park at The George Inn, Kempsford and collect your child on foot from there.
  • If neither of the above options are possible, please ring the school office before 12.30pm (810367) to inform us, and at 1.30pm, staff will chaperone your child/children to waiting cars.

*NB – Please note the earlier finish time of 1.30pm on Friday 19th July.*

Sports Day/Open Evening – Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Sports Day and Open Evening.  Well done to all of the children who worked so hard competing for their house in the heat of the sun, but special congratulations go to Battersby, our winners for 2013!  I would also like to thank parents for providing children with coloured t-shirts, with the coloured gazebos provided by the Friends, it certainly made the children really feel part of a team and to encourage the fellow members of their house.  It was certainly one of the noisiest Sports Day!

Thank you to the Friends of the school for providing the barbeque, and indeed, for all of the events organised during this academic year.  Please see details below on some events held, money raised and how some of the money has been spent during this academic year.

Events and money raised                                                                                   Money spent

Coffee and cake (approx £75 raised)                                                               Life Education bus

School Disco – approx £200                                                                               KS2 bus to district sports – June

Glam Originals Jewellery and gift evening – £150 approx                            Year 1 and 2 bus to forest school – June

Fun Run – £1100 approx                                                                                     Coloured gazebos for each house for sports day and future events

Sports day BBQ £210 raised                                                                              contribution to materials for end of term performance

I am sure all parents would like to join me in thanking everyone involved with the Friends for all of their hard work this year.

Singing and Instrumental Lessons – September 2013 – As in previous years, teachers will be visiting the school to provide lessons in singing, guitar, woodwind and violin.  If your child will be in Year 3 or above in September 2013 and he/she would like to receive lessons, please notify the school office.  If your child is already having lessons, please ensure the relevant music teacher is aware of whether your child would like to continue in September.

Absences during term time – We have been informed by the Gloucestershire Local Authority that rules with regard to children taking time off during term time for holidays are going to be tightened from September 2013.  The school will no longer be permitted to authorise up to 10 days holiday within an academic year.  Absences for medical appointments will still be authorised in the same way as they are now.

Dates for your diary – 2012/2013

Monday 15th Key Stage 2 Dress RehearsalKey Stage 2 End of Year Performance
1.15pm in the school hall
7.00pm in the school hall
Tuesday 16th Key Stage 2 End of Year Performance
7.00pm in the school hall
Thursday 18th Leavers Service – all welcome (Duration 1.5 hours approx.)
9.30am in the school hall
Friday 19th End of Term 6 for children
Monday 22nd Inset Day – children are not required to attend school

Dates for your Diary – 2013/14




Monday 2nd Inset Day – children are not required to attend school  
Tuesday 3rd Inset Day – children are not required to attend school  
Wednesday 4th Beginning of Term 1 for children  
Thursday 24th End of Term 1 for children 3.00pm
Friday 25th Inset Day – children are not required to attend school  
Monday 4th Beginning of Term 2  
Friday 20th End of Term 2 1.30pm
Monday 6th Beginning of Term 3  
Friday 14th End of Term 3 3.00pm
Monday 24th Inset Day – children are not required to attend school  
Tuesday 25th Beginning of Term 4 for children  
Friday 4th End of Term 4 1.30pm
Monday 21st Bank Holiday – School closed  
Tuesday 22nd Beginning of Term 5  
Monday 5th Bank Holiday – School closed  
Friday 23rd End of Term 5  
Monday 2nd Inset Day – children are not required to attend school  
Tuesday 3rd Beginning of Term 6 for children  
Tuesday 22nd End of Term 6 1.30pm
“Dear Parents,

This Saturday 13th July we are holding our next Scripture Union X:Site event! This will take place from 6-8pm at Kempsford Primary School. For those of you who haven’t been to one of our events, they are fun evenings of games, competitions, music, and a chance to learn more about who Jesus is. For more information visit, or get in touch with Josh Heyes –

Thanks and see you there!

South Cotswolds Team Ministry”

Roller Skating and Holiday Activities at Cotswold Leisure Fairford – Just a little reminder to say that we will be running our Saturday afternoon family roller skating sessions at the Sports Centre on the 13th and 27th of July from 2pm – 4pm.  We will stop the Saturday skating during August however there will be a weekly Monday session during the school holidays. Please see our holiday activity programme available on our website for details of all of our activities this summer or contact us on 01285 713786 or leaflets available in Kempsford School lobby by the hall. 

School Uniform – Please note elastic ties are available to order from the Simply School Wear website.  If you click on the picture of the standard tie, the option to select an elastic tie will appear.  Book bags will also be available in the very near future, if they are not already.  Place your order at or call 0800 404 6644.

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